Week 14- Sketching in the Garden

Here are my representational photos:


Abstract photos:


Representational drawings:

Abstract drawings:

The Japanese Garden at CSULB is a very calming, relaxing environment, perfect for snapping a few photos and sketching a few drawings. For my representational photos, I chose to capture images of simple and straightforward objects found in and around the garden to convey their quiet, plain beauty. For my abstract photos, I chose to play with the sunlight since it was a bright and sunny day. By using the sunlight’s reflection in the pond, I found that I was able to create an image of shimmering mystery, especially with the koi fish swimming around the luminous orb. For my representational drawing, I chose to do my best to sketch the plants and trees found throughout the garden. I enjoyed drawing the tree with the hanging vines because of its elegance and ancient aura. My abstract drawings focused on the fish in the pond, and what their underwater world might look like from their point of view. Overall, I found this project to be very calming and insightful to my own drawings, and it was also a healthy departure from my usual cartoon doodles.


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