Week 13- Art Care Package


This week’s art experience was very interesting and fun. The anonymous exchanging of addresses for the purpose of sending unique packages turned out to be a very fresh idea in a time of online messaging and limited contact outside of the classroom. For my package that I sent out, I chose to gather various knick knacks and photos that I found around my room, which included: disposable camera photos of downtown LA taken by me, a Colombian bill from a trip to Medellin in 2013, park admission tickets from a trip to Japan last year, stickers, pins, an original drawing, and a list of my ten favorite films. The items I chose to include either represented a place that I visited, or something that I have a passion for. It reflects who I am in this moment, who I was before, and who I may become in the future.

I do not have a Snapchat account, but drawing what I learned from the art experience we did earlier in the semester with the app, I believe that mailing physical things is far more powerful and satisfying than receiving a video or picture on a cellular device. They are both similar in that you are sending someone something personal that is meant just for them, and the contents may reflect the level of friendship you may have with the receiver. For me, things that are ephemeral in nature are often precious, for their time on Earth is limited and may only be remembered by a handful of individuals. A drawing or a photograph will not last forever, certainly not as long as the same image saved on a computer. The physical copy, however, remains special due to its originality and mortality. Artwork that is seen and known by millions of people may not necessarily be greater or more beautiful than artwork seen by ten people. Sometimes the more intimate the audience is, the more powerful the message will be. Sending packages through the mail is far more gratifying and special than sending a Snapchat to someone instantly, because the best things in life are worth waiting for.



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