Week 12- Geocaching

Before planting my own, I decided to go out and find a geocache near my house. I downloaded the app and found one in a park near me called “Jedi Training Platform”, which I found very appealing since I am a fan of Star Wars. After skating over to the park, I searched the area using the GPS on the app, which tended to jump around quite a bit. I finally discovered the geocache after about 15 minutes, and the feeling was unmatched. I didn’t take any of the small toys, but I added a few of my own pins.

For my own geocache, I emptied an Altoids tin and filled it with various buttons, a small piece of paper, and a pencil cut short. I drove around looking for a good spot, and decided to place it in a small opening near a bush in a parking lot near my house. I don’t want to disclose its exact location, yet at the same time I don’t want to guarantee it will still be there in a week.

I found this activity to be very interactive and fun, and allowed me to find things in my everyday surroundings that I normally would have never found. The community formed through geocaching is very unique, and involves an honor system and universal mindset of exploration and discovery. The interesting thing about geocaching is the insider community that partake in it, while the rest of the world is unaware of its presence. Caches must be hidden very well, enough to be a challenge for searchers as well as enough to be undiscovered by “muggles” who may throw it out or just steal the whole thing. I will definitely geocache in the future, and I would love to find ones when I am traveling internationally or in the mountains. I am not a muggle any longer.


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