Week 11- Turning Pages


The art experience for this week, led by guest artist Marta Troya, was a very unique and thought provoking exercise in the examination of public space and social norms. Experiences like reading or partaking in a group activity like we did in both the library and the bookstore cannot be fully documented through video or photo, and only exist fully in the participant’s mind. While photographs and film can convey a great amount of emotion, it takes actual involvement and presence in order to have a holistic understanding. When documenting the events in the bookstore, I was less focused on the activity at hand, and more focused on achieving a particular photo for my blog post assignment. When I wasn’t taking photos, like at the library, I was more focused on the group engagement that was necessary in order to fully understand and experience the idea of a book-less library. I found the library activity to be more enjoyable, and I could feel a certain energy floating around the students of the class as we interrupted the silent and mundane space of the computer lab by reading aloud and reveling in our questioning of the space. Overall, I felt that the art experience was an empowering and inspirational one, and I would enjoy participating in similar ones in the future.


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