Week 10- Instagram


These first four pictures are from my Instagram account, taken at the CSULB Art Galleries:


These next two pictures are from accounts I found through the hashtag:


Unlike the previous Snapchat project, which is an app that I don’t regularly use, I found this project utilizing Instagram to be much more enjoyable, considering that it is an app that I DO regularly use. I like Instagram because it shares pictures only, with a limited amount of text attached, acting as a watered-down and simplified version of the overwhelming Facebook. Anyone becomes a photographer when equipped with the free app and a cellular phone. The pictures I took around the gallery are a mix of candid moments from people in conversation and art on display that I found to be aesthetically pleasing. I especially like the photo I took of Professor Zucman speaking with a student in the doorway, silhouetted from the bright sunlight outside. The two photos I took from fellow students caught my eye because for one, I was an avid record collector in high school, and two, I appreciate pictures of people when they aren’t aware they are being photographed (once again Professor Zucman). This proved to be a very enjoyable art experience because the web of networks that these apps allow us to enter help everyone connect to new and fresh forms of art.


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