Week 8- Automatic Drawing


For my automatic drawing, I enlisted the help of my brother, Andrew. First, I found an old poster that seemed suitable and wiped off some of the dust. Next, I had a small glass of Hennessy cognac to help me loosen up, and we sat cross legged facing one another. We then closed our eyes and began allowing the pencil to move in its own direction, which seemed to be many circles and waves while I was doing it. After about 5 minutes of drawing, we opened our eyes and looked at our creation, which appeared to be a series of squiggles and incomprehensible lines. I suppose they can be interpreted as calming waves interrupted by jagged, chaotic corners that seem to want to corrupt the sanctuary of roundness. I found the project to be very interesting, for I have never heard of doing a drawing in such a way. I would like to try it again and see if it yields different results.


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