Week 6- Photo Walk


For my photo walk experience, I went in a group led by Dorothyrose McMahon, and she took our group to different fountains and water installments around campus. Our first stop was at the very top of the school, the unfortunately dried-out fountain in front of the Macintosh building. The sculpture sitting in the middle of the fountain has always reminded me of a crown of thorns, and I wanted to capture its full beauty in the sunlight with the tall, narrow building in the background. We then ventured down the hill into lower campus and came to the very much active fountain in front of Brotman Hall. This fountain, with its gentle sprays and crystal blue water, has always conjured up images of atoms and molecules as I walk by it every day. For these photos, I wanted to capture the scale of the CSULB campus by including the pyramid in the far background, and I also wanted to showcase the water spray effect of the fountain’s spheres. Finally, we headed out to the corner of campus to the Japanese Garden, where the abundant sunshine reflected on the pond and made the fish appear vibrant and jovial. I wanted to capture the natural beauty of the sanctuary and the joy of all of the people in it, and also create an intimate bond with the koi fish. Our guide was knowledgeable about our campus, and she used the theme of water as a connection from one spot to the next. To make the walk even better, I would broaden the theme of the walk, since CSULB only has a handful of working water installments.


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