Week 5- Artist Conversation- Krystal Ramirez

Artist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: Fuse- Join to Form; Single Entity (group show)

Media: Metal (copper, brass, steel)

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East and West

Website: N/A

Instagram: kreeestol


About the Artist: Krystal is a transfer student studying 3D Media and metalworking at her 2nd year at CSULB. After taking a jewelry class in high school, she was inspired to pursue jewelry and sculpture making for her BA. Her free time activities include thrifting, antiquing, DIY projects, and painting.

Formal Analysis: Krystal’s metal sculptures and jewelry are shaped in many different, beautiful varieties. The first piece pictured is a jagged and interwoven necklace worn on a female mannequin. The necklace is made up of many sharp, thin pieces of metal welded together to form a single entity of wearable art. The second piece, a pair of salt and pepper shakers, are also unique. The shakers appear to be rectangular blocks that have been pulled and curved to form wave-like shapes. This gives the shakers an almost surreal effect by changing something that already has predetermined attributes. The third piece, a copper ladle, uses both 2D and 3D shapes to create a rudimentary object used in everyday occasions, much like the shakers. The handle of ladle is not something that may be able to be used in actuality, but makes the ladle look appealing from an artistic standpoint. The last piece, a small copper bowl containing a wasp nest, may be the most unique. The mix of organic and metal materials creates a blend between what is natural and what is human-made, a theme that the other shapes explore as well.

Content Analysis: The sculptures and jewelry found in Krystal’s exhibition explore the themes of the female form, movement, geometric form, and interaction between shapes. The necklace and shaker are both inspired by female figures dancing, and were created while the artist listened to music. The pieces both use curves and playful configurations to create a feminine form within the artisanship. The shakers especially, in their different but parallel heights, contribute to the idea of movement and interaction between shapes. They have become more than just appliances, and have become aesthetically pleasing in their handiwork. I also believe that organic and natural elements are at play here, with the wasp nest and feminine inspirations seen throughout the collection.

My Experience: I very much enjoyed looking at the artist’s works within the realms of jewelry and sculpture making. The necklace, in its complex beauty, stands out as one of the more striking pieces, and the shakers also interest me with their simple yet calculated forms. I also found the wasp nest to be very appealing, mostly since it felt out of place and surprising in the best possible way. Metal working and sculpting looks like a very challenging and rewarding art form, and I would like to see more like it in the future.


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