Week 4- Graffiti Writing


For my graffiti writing project I decided to paint red and silver letters on top of newspapers in my backyard. Originally I was planning on buying a piece of cardboard or large paper, but I realized that it would look cool and unique on top of articles and photos from old newspapers. First, I laid out the newspapers and taped them together, then put flower pots on the corners to prevent it from blowing away in the soft breeze. I then lightly outlined my name in sharpie to gauge the size of each letter (seen in picture 2). After that I painted a red line over the sharpie sketch, which stood out boldly, and then painted a line of silver to the right of each of the letters, which shone brightly over the gray newspaper. Lastly, I added a zig-zag underline below my name and thickened the red on the letters. This project costed me zero dollars since I utilized materials found around my house and in my garage. I have never spray painted graffiti before, and I’m not sure I ever would, but I found this project to be very fun. I have always been a fan of street art, and I happened to be wearing my Basquiat t-shirt when I was painting…


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