Week 3- Classmate Conversation-Reza Behzadian and Ramtin Yousefi

For my first classmate conversation, I engaged in a discussion with two fellow classmates, Reza and Ramtin:

Reza Behzadian was raised with a Muslim father and a Christian mother, leading to an interesting upbringing involving two cultures. His father, from Iran, left the country to the US in the 1970s to escape the revolution. Reza is a film major (as am I), and is interested in studying production design and editing. His passions in life are playing soccer and water polo, which he played in high school. He also lives in Riverside and battles Southern California commute everyday.

Ramtin Yousefi resides in Irvine, a much better but still sometimes frustrating commute. He, like Reza, is also of Persian descent, and is actually born and raised in Iran, moving to the US with his family around 2010. He picked up most of his English after moving here, which is amazing since he speaks the same as any Californian I know. Ramtin’s major is civil engineering, and also has a great deal of passion towards the sport of soccer.


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