Week 3- Snapchat

These two pictures are my snapchats (cwatson409) taken at CSULB:



The next two are my classmates’ snapchats (ramtin6688, rezadent_alien):



Before this assignment, I had never used snapchat before, so this was a totally new experience. It was interesting getting used to the app’s  features, and learning how to connect with other people. Ultimately, I found it entertaining, and I enjoyed the drawing portion. I can see why many people use this social app everyday, and although I had fun with this assignment, I can’t see myself using it in the future.

For my first snapchat I wanted to doodle a picture similar to the ones that I have doodled in my notebooks since I was a kid. It was fun to manipulate real backgrounds with crude computer drawings, especially in my second snapchat, in which the CSULB pyramid was given a smile (I like to anthropomorphize things using cartoons). My classmates’ snapchats were taken at the CSULB art galleries, and feature the art and artist in both respectful and humorous ways. Good assignment for the social media generation!


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